We run 1 and 2 day workshops based on the Coaching for Change model.  They are aimed at coaches or managers who have already attended basic coaching training and who are looking to move beyond GROW and to enhance their capacity to provide more sophisticated and effective coaching. 

The main applications of the Coaching for Change approach are:

  • Assessment - focusing on what you really need to understand about your coachees,

  • Case conceptualisation - how to integrate what you know about your coachee into a coherent whole,

  • Intervention - what to do to help your coachee achieve their goals, 

  • Evaluation - how to know if you actually did help your coachee. 


The workshop will cover:

  • Raising clients' awareness of the need to change

  • Clarifying values, goals and desired outcomes

  • Gaining emotional engagement in the change process

  • Developing a personal change plan

  • Identifying and boosting coachees' confidence to succeed

  • Identifying and engaging their sources of support


The Coaching for Change workshops can be run as public or in-house events. They can also be customised to meet the needs of specific participant groups.