Organisational Change

Change is hard. 
Managers are faced with enormous complexity when implementing change within their organisations. 70% of change initiatives are reported to fail. 

The key to successful change is people. Organisations too often overlook their most important resource when planning a change. It is an organisation's people that must buy into the change, implement it, and accept it as the 'new normal'. More often than not, change is met with resistance or passivity by employees. This is because employees are not the perfectly rational followers that many managers expect them to be. Instead, employees have a wide range of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that can lead them to support or resist change. 


You can only manage what you measure. Three decades of rigourous academic research on organisational change has resulted in a list of key people factors that influence whether a change is likley to succeed or not. We call these change factors the Change Derailers. 

The Change Derailer Inventory was developed by a team of organisational psychologists and university researchers who recognised the need for organisations to measure these key factors. It is a simple but sophisticated diagnostic tool that provides managers of change with a snapshot of how ready and willing their people are for change. 


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